Bigby and Snow

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my dad and I usually see movies together but winter solider came out while I was away at school so he had to see it with my mom haha
(apparently she fell asleep a few times during it)


lantern corps; red lanterns

with blood and rage of crimson red

we fill men’s souls with darkest dread

and twist your minds to pain and hate

we’ll burn you all - that is your fate!


If you’re “not all like that”, please call out the people in your particular group or movement who are just like that, rather than snapping at the people who do it for you.

If you have the energy to spend chewing out people who have been victimized by your group directly or indirectly, you should spend it on fixing that shit, or acknowledge that you yourself are probably just like that.

"I’ve got an…idea!

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DRAMAtical Murder → Aoba Seragaki.

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  • Varric flirting with the Inquisitor shamelessly
  • But, when the Inquisitor flirts back, he demurs and changes the subject

- Drablet text & inspiration by lifeofaseamonster

The things that move you to art when exploring the Varric Tethras tag ;)

Favorite Locations in Dragon Age 2: Primeval Thaig

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